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Holidays Act payment for former employees

Many companies in New Zealand have been required to make remediation payments to employees as a result of their past interpretation of the Holidays Act 2003 (Act).

KraftHeinz is now in the process of making back-payment for any incorrect leave calculations to its current and former employees made under the Holidays Act 2003.

An external expert, Ernst & Young (EY) was engaged to oversee and assist us in identifying all payments that need to be made. This work has now been completed and Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment (MBIE) has approved the methodology used in relation to these calculations.

Payroll issues being addressed

Entitlements under the Holidays Act 2003, cover the following areas:

  • annual holidays
  • bereavement leave
  • alternative holidays
  • public holidays
  • sick leave

About our employee calculations

  • We are addressing non-compliance with some aspects of the Holidays Act 2003, resulting from a complex mix of process, policy, practice and system configuration factors.
  • MBIE has accepted our sample employee calculations and we’ve also completed an independent quality assurance process.

How do you know if you are eligible for back-payment?

You may be eligible for backpay if you were employed by KraftHeinz (Heinz Wattie’s) between 30 June 2011 and 31 October 2020.

To see if you're owed a payment, you must complete the former employee form and submit it to HOLIDAYSACT@KRAFTHEINZ.COM

  • We will request more documents to verify your claim.
  • If we find you're entitled to a payment, we'll pay this out as soon as possible.

What further documents could be required?

  • personal banking details (or approval from another person to pay into their bank account)
  • tax details
  • proof of identity (and any supporting change of name if this is different from when you were employed by us)

Keeping your information private:

We will collect your personal information for the purposes of settling any payment under the Holidays Act remediation and will retain this information for 7 years, as required by law.

How much you will be paid?

Earnings history and leave patterns are unique, so each case has been assessed individually and each payment amount will be different.

Upon receipt of your details, the Company will mail or email you a Reconciliation Summary Sheet advising the amount owing to you. We will then process your documentation and arrange payment to your nominated bank account as soon as possible.

Where appropriate, assumptions have been made in favour of employees or the most generous method of calculation has been used.

When you will receive your payment

Once Kraft Heinz has received your registration form and all of your details have been confirmed then we will endeavour to pay your backpay in line with Kraft Heinz’ payroll processing calendar.

The payments will be made throughout 2021 when the relevant information is received.

My bank account has recently changed since I was employed. How will you pay me?

Once we have confirmed your details and eligibility you will be asked to complete the and return enclosed Confirmation of Bank Account form and return by post.

What if I have moved house, how will you know my new address?

Please provide your updated details on the contact details form so that you can be contacted.

KiwiSaver and student loan repayments

Once it has been confirmed that you are entitled to a payment, you will be asked to provide the relevant KiwiSaver and tax details.

Consequences for tax or benefits

You are encouraged to contact the relevant organisation such as Inland Revenue for advice about whether your remediation payment affects any agreement you have with them about your current earnings, benefits, child support or any other matters.The Inland Revenue website has useful information on the tax treatment of lump sum payments such as an arrears payment.

Claiming on behalf of a deceased person, or someone for whom you hold power of attorney

You will need to provide documentation to verify your identity and to confirm you are authorised to act on behalf of the estate or person.

See our contact details below on how to get in touch with us.

More information

If you have any questions or require further information, please email


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