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Ketchup: what makes it taste so good?
With it's unique blend of sun ripened tomatoes, vinegar and spice Ketchup adds more bite to whatever you're eating. Heinz Tomato Ketchup has a unique flavour and thick texture and is free from preservatives and artificial colours. Our company’s founder first made Ketchup after trying Catsup during a visit to England in 1876. Since then, Ketchup has become a favourite sauce for millions of people and is synonymous with Heinz around the world.
Once a product is opened, how long can I keep it?
Roughly 48 hours, but this depends on how cold your fridge is, and there must not be cross-contamination from other foods. If it is a canned product, transfer it to a sealed plastic container. Jars can simply be re-sealed for storage in the refrigerator.
Do we need to thaw frozen vegetables before cooking them?
No, just add frozen vegetables to the pan. Frozen vegetables quickly thaw during cooking whilst retaining their flavour and nutrient benefits. Frozen vegetables are a great option for cooking as they often contain the same high level of nutrients as fresh vegetables.
What is the difference between Use By and Best Before?
"Use by" applies to foods that must be eaten before a certain time for health or safety reasons, e.g. dairy products such as Milk. Products should not be eaten after the use by date and can't legally be sold after this date because they may pose a health or safety risk.
"Best Before" applies where the food, if stored according to directions, should retain its original qualities, e.g. flavour, texture, appearance, and be at its "best" up until the date specified. The best before date on food is not normally in reference to health or safety, unlike the use by date.
What do the values in the nutrition information panel mean?
The values in the 100g column tells you the proportion of the nutrients in the food, and can provide a useful comparison against other products. For example, if 3.0g of Protein is listed in the 100g column, the product contains 3% Protein.
Can you re-freeze frozen products if they have been defrosted?
No, the process of re-freezing products damages the cellular structure often giving them an unpleasant texture or odour. The process of thawing also allows bacteria to develop in a re-frozen product. However if you have used products to cook a dish, then the leftover portion of the dish can be frozen.
Are the juices produced by Heinz pasteurised?
Yes, all of our juices are pasteurised. Pasteurising juice ensures the product is safe to consume and that it remains in good condition throughout its shelf life.
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